“I was against this stack lining project before it started. I didn’t think it was going to work. Now that I’ve seen the whole process, I’m a big supporter. I’m really impressed, it’s just so much less disruptive than a stack replacement.”

Chief Plumber, Multi-story Residential Complex

“I used to think about this issue every day. I haven’t thought about it now in over a year.”

Director of Facility Maintenance, School Division

“The alternative would have been a massive project. I don’t even want to think about how disruptive and costly it would have been. You guys really bailed us out on this one.”

Project manager, Senior Care Facility

“I love innovative companies like Revive Pipes. Your service is so much less invasive than the old way of doing things and it actually saves us money.”

Facility Maintenance Manager, Multi-story Residential Complex

“I’m so glad that I didn’t have to approach all of our tenants and tell them we need to do another construction project in their space.”

Property Manager, Commercial & Retail Management Company

“We’ve been fighting with this drain for years now. We’ve probably had ten other contractors look at it before [Revive Pipes] and nobody else was able to fix it. I can’t believe the other contractors contributed to the problem by breaking equipment off inside of the pipe and leaving it there. I’m really impressed that you were able to retrieve their equipment and fix the root of the problem.”

Director of Facility Maintenance, Senior Care Facility Organization

“After [the other CIPP lining company] ended up cutting holes in the wrong place in the pool deck and not fixing the problem, I was pretty skeptical about [Revive Pipes]. You guys did a great job and the fact that you didn’t need any holes cut in the pool deck is awesome. The pool would have opened at least a month late if it wasn’t for [Revive Pipes]”

Project Manager, General Contractor

“Because of the proximity of the pipe to the foundation, replacing the pipe would have been a big undertaking. I got a couple of quotes to replace the pipe, but they were so expensive we had to find an alternative.”

Project Manager, School Division

“It would have been a huge job digging down to replace the sample line. I don’t know how we would have done it. The facility is in a low spot and the water table is so high in this area we would have had to be continuously pumping out a lot of water.”

Power Engineer, Power Generation Facility

“If your solution hadn’t worked, we would have had to permanently close the elevator. We probably would have had to close the second floor in that wing of the facility as well because the staircase is so narrow.”

Facility Manager, Historic Government Building

“We tested all of your roof drain liners and with all of the rain this year, we didn’t have a single leak. We’re very impressed.”

Project Manager, Commercial Property Management Company

“[Revive Pipes] always seems to have an answer for our tough jobs.”

Maintenance Superintendent, School Division