A school’s mechanical room had several floor drains that became separated from the P-Traps in the sewer drain line. Revive Pipes installed structural liners to span the gap in the floor drains and prevent water from flowing under the concrete slab floor and degrading the building foundation and bedding for the sewer drain pipe.

The school was constructed with a structural slab and specified for pipe hangers to be installed to secure the sewer drain pipes. Unfortunately, pipe hangers were not installed and as the earth under the structural slab settled, some of the drain pipes fell with the settled earth.

Unsupported by earth below, several PVC joints failed over time and the joints just below the structural slab fell, leaving a gap between the pipes. Water flowing down the floor drains with the separated joints flowed out of the joint separations into the void space underneath the structural slab.

This water flow exacerbated the problem and caused further settling in the earth, allowing the separation gap to increase.

A traditional repair to the sewer drains would have involved:

  • Hiring a structural engineer to review the structural drawings and site to determine if it is structurally sound to cut the structural concrete slab
  • If approved by the structural engineer, a scan of the concrete would likely be required to locate the rebar and/or post tension cable to avoid cutting through it.
  • Saw cutting the floor around the floor drain
  • Reconnecting of sewer drain pipe to a new floor drain
  • Pour concrete around the new floor drain

Revive Pipes installed structural liners to span the gaps in all of the separated floor drains in one day. The structural liner reconnected the floor drains to the sewer drain system. Water draining through the floor drains is now flowing through the sewer drain system as intended rather than flowing out of the pipe into the void space under the structural slab. Without the sewer water draining into the void space under the concrete slab and eroding the earth, the sewer drain pipe will continue to be supported by the bedding below it as well as the Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) structural liner connecting it to the floor drain.

The school saved approximately $10,000 by using Revive Pipes specialized lining service.