Revive Pipe Restoration Inc. is a specialty pipe lining contractor based in Calgary, Alberta and we serve Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton and all of Alberta.

Established in 2011, our core business is installing Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) structural liners in complex, small diameter sewer and wastewater piping configurations that are typically found within commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Over time, we have expanded our specialty lining services to include other trenchless and in-situ lining services such as pressure pipe internal epoxy barrier coatings.

Revive Pipes has completed many complex sewer pipe relining projects for some of Calgary, Edmonton and Alberta’s largest and most respected property owners and managers. We have saved our clients millions of dollars in expensive traditional sewer pipe replacements and our non-invasive techniques have removed significant hardship from building tenants and occupants.

We are Alberta’s experts in small diameter sewer pipe lining of wastewater systems with multiple bends and branch connections.

Revive Pipes prides ourselves on our extensive use of existing access points in sewer pipe systems to minimize the disruption that demolition of walls and flooring cause building tenants and occupants. Founded by a Mechanical Engineer, we are able to implement original and innovative solutions to your piping problems.

Bonded and comprehensively insured, we are capable of whole building sewer pipe lining projects in Calgary, Edmonton and Alberta.

Our core, small diameter, sewer drain rehabilitation
services key features and capabilities are:

  • Lining of drain pipes from 1 ½ inch to 12 inch diameter (smaller & larger custom sizes available)Lining around multiple ninety (90) degree elbows in one section of liner
  • Starting and stopping a liner anywhere in the pipeLining main sewer pipes and cutting open lined over branch connections
  • Any type of sewer pipe including Cast Iron, PVC, ABS, Clay, No-Corrode, Asbestos Concrete, Copper and Aluminum
  • Fully lining wye and tee fittings
  • Structural liner designed to withstand burial depth of fifteen (15) feet (strength can be increased)
  • Seamless liner will not be penetrated by roots
  • 50+ year life expectancy
  • Our pressure pipe internal epoxy barrier coating services key features and capabilities are:

    • Lining of ½ inch to 12 inch diameter
    • Fully lining complex systems with multiple ninety (90) degree bends, branch connections and size transitions
    • Remove corrosion, scale and tuberculation buildup
    • Restoring flow and pressure to a system
    • Lining low pressure steam lines
    • Lining most types of pipes including Ductile Iron, Copper, Cast Iron, PVC and Galvanized