One of Calgary’s tallest office towers had the flat, roof parapets replaced. After the parapets were replaced, water was discovered leaking into premium tenant spaces. Revive Pipes installed Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) structural liners in all of the roof drains in the replaced roofs, stopping all of the water leaks into the tenant space. Revive Pipes saved the building $40,000 and prevented the newly replaced roof membrane from being damaged during the conventional repair.

The roof parapets of the skyscraper were replaced to ensure the roofs would remain water tight for many years. Unfortunately, during rainfalls after the roof replacement, it was discovered that water was leaking at several locations into the premium tenant space on the top floor of the facility. It was difficult for the property maintenance team to determine where the leaks were originating from, so an engineering firm was hired to study the problem and recommend solutions.

The engineering firm concluded that the leaks were originating from the Mechanical Joint (MJ) between the drain body and the first length of the rainwater drain pipe. A couple of temporary repairs were suggested as well as a full replacement of the leaking MJ joint.

Typical invasive repairs would have involved:

  • Removal of the paving stones, insulation, gravel and membrane around each roof drain
  • Chip out the existing drain body and first length of pipe
  • Install a new drain body and MJ seal
  • Cast concrete back in around the drain body
  • Reroof the surrounding area and tie it into the drain body

The property management company for the building had worked with Revive Pipes in the past and was aware of our capabilities so they contacted us to look at the roof drain problem. Revive Pipes installed Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) structural liners in all twenty-one (21) of the roof drains in the newly replaced roof to seal the Mechanical Joints (MJ). The building owner wanted to install liners in all of the roof drains rather than only the four (4) roof drains that were found to be leaking to give them certainty moving forward that they would not have leaks from any of the roof drains in the future. Our non-invasive roof drain repair didn’t disturb the newly replaced roof membrane, which would have created more uncertainty about potential leaks in the future.

We saved the client $20,000 on the repair and provided them with additional piece of mind by lining all of the roof drains in case other Mechanical Joints (MJ) started to leak in the future.

Revive Pipes has used our specialized tools, materials and techniques to install Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) structural liners to repair swimming pools, hot tubs and decorative fountains. Swimming pool, hot tub and decorative fountain piping systems are particularly complex, often with many more ninety (90) degree bends with a tight or sharp turning radius. Because of the complexity of swimming pool, hot tub and fountain piping, not all systems or locations within the piping system can be repaired using Revive Pipes Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) structural lining process.

When a pool system is experiencing systemic leaks at PVC pipe joints, Revive Pipes Pressure Pipe Internal Epoxy Barrier Coating service may be the more suitable repair option. Our epoxy barrier coating service fully coats the internal surface of the piping system with an epoxy barrier coating to seal all of the joint leaks.