A seniors home kitchen sewer was experiencing backups due to hardened grease blockages and large holes in the cast iron sewer pipes running throughout the kitchen. The entire kitchen sewer needed replaced but the disruption to the facilities meals would have been enormous.

The traditional repair would have required the kitchen to shut down for two to three months. During this time, catering would have to be arranged for all of the seniors meals and snacks. In addition, the following extremely disruptive steps would be required to repair the sewer pipes

  • Extensive saw cutting of the kitchen floors
  • Digging out the existing deteriorated cast iron sewer pipes
  • Grading and compacting the bedding for the sewer pipes
  • Install new sewer pipes
  • Backfilling the excavations
  • Compacting of the backfill
  • Pouring new concrete slab where the original flooring was cut out
  • Refinishing the flooring

Revive Pipes was able to install structural liners throughout the full kitchen. Our trenchless repair method required no excavations inside of the facilities kitchen. In fact, the kitchen remained fully operational during the entire sewer rehabilitation project. Revive Pipes highly skilled technicians worked at nights to eliminate any disruption experienced by the kitchen staff or facility tenants.

We installed structural liners in two (2), three (3) and four (4) inch drain pipes. We also fully lined all of the wye and tee branch connections in the system. In addition, there were several floor drains with P-Traps in the kitchen, and we fully lined all of the floor drains and P-Traps.
Kitchen Shutdown: 0 Hrs

Financial Savings: $300,000

Daytime Contractor Time on Site: 90% Reduced

P-Traps Lined: 5