A plus 15 walkway in downtown Calgary was flooding every time it rained. The cast iron rainwater pipes in the ceiling had cracked in several places, so when the pipes filled with water, it would flow heavily out of the cracks in the pipe. The water was damaging the ceilings and causing a slippery hazard on the floors.

Unfortunately, the ceiling space was full of electrical racks and HVAC ducting, making the rainwater plumbing impossible to access without removing a lot of other building systems components first.

Revive Pipe Restoration Inc was able to use existing access points in the system to install cured in place pipes (CIPP) in the deteriorated cast iron rainwater leaders coming from the roof of the Plus 15. We worked in the evening to avoid any disruption to the heavy foot traffic experienced in the Plus 15 on a daily basis. Revive Pipe’s solution avoided the costly and disruptive removal of a large section of HVAC components and electrical cable trays in the ceiling space. The CIPP liners completely sealed the rainwater pipes and stopped all of the leaks permanently.

Economic Impact: $10,000 Cost Savings

Public Impact: 0 Regular Routes Diverted

Contractor Time on Site: 75% Reduced