One of the tallest Class A office towers in Calgary had a brand new roof installed. After the installation was completed, a couple of roof drains started to leak into the ceiling space of the offices on the top floor. An engineering firm was engaged to present the client with options to repair the leaking roof drains.

The engineering firm determined that a joint encased in concrete was not properly sealed.

Revive Pipes was contacted to give an opinion on the effectiveness of lining over the improperly sealed joint in the roof drains to stop the leaks. Our technicians have performed similar repairs in separated drain pipes so we were highly confident that our cured in place pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation solution would be an effective solution for this problem. Given the importance of the tenants on the top floor of the office tower, the client decided to install liners in all of the roof drains and not just the currently leaking drains to ensure that none of the drains started to leak.

Revive Pipes installed 20 liners through the roof penetrations to prevent any potential future leaks from the roof drains. The new roof of the facility remained intact and the tenants on the top floor didn’t experience any of the significant noise associated with a roof replacement.

Economic Impact: $20,000 savings

Tenant Impact: 0 Tenant Disruption

Contractor Time on Site: 75% Reduced