A Calgary lining contractor that uses the inversion method of Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) lining overshot a residential liner, causing their new liner to partially block of the City of Calgary sewer main in the street. As with most inversion lining contractors, this contractor also cut out the floor and made a pit in the basement of the home to install their liner.

When the contractor lined too far into the main, they had no recourse other than to dig up the street to repair the problem as they lacked any specialized tools needed to apply trenchless fixes to any problems they might create due to mistakes in their process.

The contractor was going to excavate the street and open up the sewer main to try to fix the problem, but the City of Calgary pushed back. The city didn’t want the street dug up and the sewer main disturbed, so told the contractor they had to look for a trenchless option to fix the problem they had created.

Revive Pipes was contacted as we are known in the industry as being specialists in complex situations with small diameter pipes. Our skilled technicians did a camera inspection on the sewer in question to assess the situation. We then selected the most suitable tool from the large suite of specialized equipment that we have to fix the situation. We used specialized cutting equipment to remove the overshot section of the Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) liner so that it would no longer pose a threat as a sewer main blockage.

The other lining contractor was very appreciative as we not only fixed their mistake, but we saved them several thousand dollars as well. The City of Calgary was happy as the sewer main didn’t have to be excavated and disturbed unnecessarily.
Revive Pipe Restoration Inc is at the leading edge of small diameter pipe relining in complex situations and is able to handle many situations that other lining contractors think simply aren’t possible.

Economic Impact: $8,000 Savings

In Street Excavations: 0

Blocked Sewer Mains: 0