A lining contractor had a contract with a Western Canadian city to install liners in several residential service laterals. Unfortunately, the contractor couldn’t get a liner to expand properly prior to curing it and the sewage flow from a home was completely blocked off.

The lining contractor didn’t have any trenchless means to fix the problem and so was going to have to excavate to repair the mistake. The mistake was in a very challenging location and would have been prohibitively expensive to excavate and the property owner had no desire to have their yard dug up.

The municipal project manager contacted numerous firms for trenchless assistance, however there were no firms that had the capability to resolve the situation in a trenchless way except for Revive Pipes. We have a highly specialized suite of equipment and our technicians have extensive experience and training to handle complex situations.

Revive Pipes was able to use one of our robotic cutters through a cleanout point in the residence and cut out the Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) liner blockage. The resident was extremely pleased as she didn’t have to excavate her extensively landscaped and meticulously cared for yard to fix the mistake.
Revive Pipes is a truly trenchless company as we have the specialized equipment to fix most problems without resorting to excavating.

Economic Impact: $10,000 Savings

Property Impact: 0 Excavations

Working Sewers: 1