A large residential complex was experiencing frequent backups with their sewers. The facility maintenance staff identified the cause of the issue as corrosion buildup in the cast iron pipes inside of the facility and wanted Revive Pipes to install a liner to fix the problem for good. The large facility had a complex sewer configuration with several separate mains leaving the complex and tying into the city main. As is quite common, there also weren’t any drawings for the facilities sewer system.

Revive Pipes skilled technicians conducted a site review to determine the extent of the problem and assess the suitability for a liner installation.  Upon reviewing the situation and consulting with the maintenance staff regarding the troubleshooting methods they used to determine the cause of the backup, it was apparent to Revive Pipe’s experienced technicians that things weren’t adding up.  Our technicians used their comprehensive understanding of sewer systems to start from square one and source the problem in the complex system.  The investigation we conducted led us to the completely opposite corner of the complex than the maintenance staff had previously thought the sewer pipes travelled.

We were able to trace the problem to a garden area outside of the facility that was actually the location of a backup between two manholes.  The water was flowing enough so that the complex wouldn’t continuously back up, however, we discovered two (2) manholes that were full of water right up to the manhole cover.  We ended up having roots augered out of one of the main sewer pipes outside of the facility and it completely alleviated the immediate problem. 

The maintenance staff was shocked to realize how close they were to a major and disastrous backup in the facility. Revive Pipes eliminated the immediate threat to the residential complex and the facility budgeted the following year to have their sewer mains extensively rehabilitated.

Sewer Backups Averted: 1

Economic Impact: $50,000 insurance deductible saved

Angry Residents: 0