A large commercial building in Calgary, Alberta had a hole in the asbestos concrete main sewer for the facility with significant roots growing through the hole and causing sewer backups in the facility. The facility was operational 24/7 and couldn’t shut down to properly repair the hole in the main sewer pipe.

The traditional repair would have required the fifteen (15) ft deep main sewer to be dug up. The pipe would have to be removed and replaced with the sewer still flowing, since the facility was not able to shut down. In addition, the removal of the pipe could have generated friable asbestos fibers which would have required specialized protective suits and breathing apparatus to safely handle.

Revive Pipes was able to use a hydro jetter to fully remove the root blockage in the pipe. Our highly skilled technicians then installed a custom made liner that allowed the sewer to continue to flow during the entire time that the sewer main was being rehabilitated. This prevented any backups during the repair, removed any potential contact with asbestos and resulted in a structural sewer repair that is expected to last in excess of 50 years.

Cost Savings: $70,000

Facility Disruption: 0 Hrs Downtime

Contractor Time on Site: 60% Reduced