A 60 year old, large commercial building experienced a sewer backup due to a blockage in their sewer main. The problem location was identified as being directly below the foundation of the building. At the foundation of the building, the cast iron sewer pipe in the building transitioned to clay tile sewer pipe outside of the building.

The clay tile pipe shifted and broke where it connected to the cast iron pipe.
The facility operator was concerned about the effect of digging under the foundation of the building to replace the damaged sewer pipe. The operation would have been costly and risked compromising the integrity of the buildings foundation.

Revive Pipe Restoration Inc was able to remove the heavy buildup in the building’s main drain pipe. Our skilled technicians then ground down the offset pipe so that it wouldn’t adversely affect the sewer flow and cause blockages. We then installed a cured in place pipe (CIPP) point repair over the damaged transition from cast iron to clay tile pipe.

Revive Pipes didn’t require any excavations inside or outside of the facility to perform the repair. By not having to excavate at the basement we completely avoided the risk of compromising the buildings foundation.

Cost Savings: $5,000

Disruption to Occupants: 0 Tenants Relocated

Happy Customers: 1