A building on the University of Calgary campus was having a problem with their ground water sump pump. Every time the sump pump kicked in, a deluge of water would come back into the mechanical room through the discharge pipe penetration in the foundation wall of the building.

Upon inspection, it was revealed that the two (2) inch discharge pipe had several joint separations before it reached the main storm sewer approximately fifty (50) feet outside of the building. Unfortunately, the separations in the pipe were all underneath classrooms and high use areas in the building.

The university maintenance staff was looking at having to saw cut and jackhammer through the floors in hallways and classrooms and excavate down to the discharge pipe to replace it. It would have been extremely expensive and disruptive to the continuously used facility.

Revive Pipes skilled team cleaned out the pipe and installed a two (2) inch liner inside of the discharge pipe that completely covered and sealed the separated joints. We didn’t have to make any excavations inside of the facility and all of the work was completed using existing access points in the piping system.

Cost Savings: $30,000

Disruption to Staff & Students: None

Contractor Time on Site: 80% Reduced