School Office Saved from Shutdown

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Regional School Office Saved From Shutdown

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Project Summary

The kitchen in a seniors home in Calgary was experiencing backups due to severely deteriorated cast iron sewer pipes.  Several sections of the drain pipes had large holes and had collapsed.  The expense and disruption of a pipe replacement was an untenable option for the busy facility.  Revive Pipes rehabilitated the entire kitchen's sewer system without disrupting the kitchens operations by only working during hours that the kitchen was shut down.

“I used to think about this issue every day. I haven’t thought about it now in over a year.”Regional Maintenance Director


A regional school administration office in Alberta was having problems with their sewer system.  Sewer blockages were frequently causing raw sewage to back up through floor drains in the washrooms.  The cast iron, main sewer pipe in the facility was heavily corroded and ran underneath the main hallway in the facility for the entire length of the hallway.  The problem had been keeping the regional director of maintenance up at night for over a year.


Typical Invasive Repairs

The regional maintenance director was faced with two decisions.  Either shut the building down and perform the entire traditional plumbing repair or keep the building open and break the repair into ten (10) foot sections.  If they were to keep the building open, the regional administration staff would have had to put up with extreme noise, dust, mess and disruption for up to two (2) months.

The traditional repair would have involved:

  • Extensive saw cutting of the kitchen floors over the entire length of the hallway
  • Digging out the existing deteriorated cast iron sewer pipes
  • Piling the earth in the hallway or carting it outside of the facility
  • Grading and compacting the bedding for the sewer pipes
  • Installing new sewer pipes
  • Backfilling the excavations
  • Compacting of the backfill
  • Pouring new concrete slab where the original flooring was cut out
  • Refinishing the flooring

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Revive Pipes Solution

Revive pipes worked on a Professional Development (PD) day and a weekend to clean out the pipe and install a Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) liner without requiring any destruction to the building or inconveniencing the regional administration staff.

staff disruption

Revive Pipes Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining Services

Revive Pipes skilled technicians are specialists at installing cured in place pipes (CIPP) in complex configurations with a key focus of minimal client disruption.  Most of the relining that we perform is done through existing access points in the system unlike typical plumbing contractors or trenchless contractors that require multiple excavations.

We are able to install cured in place pipe (CIPP) liners in tees, wyes and elbows of 1 1/2 inches and larger sewer pipes.